What does Ashley Koff love most about her job?

What I love most about my job is the variety. I love that I can just have been working with a patient and helping them accomplish their personal goals, have a conversation about traveling the world and what’s great about travel and nutrition; later this afternoon I’m sitting down with a restaurant and helping them create menus; had some time at a dog park and at a juice shop to find out what they’re juicing now in L.A. and at the farmers market. So, it’s the diversity. It constantly reminds me that we touch health and nutrition and food pretty much at almost every point of our day.

My job really is to help people navigate all of the experiences of their day. I feel pretty lucky, and I feel really lucky that I’m able to create a business for myself because I’m just not a person that would do really well in an office setting doing the same thing and building it on a consistent basis.  It fits with my personality, too.

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