What does Ashley Koff think are some misconceptions about nutrition and travel?

When we talk about travel, there’s the person who takes maybe one or two trips a year and somebody who is incorporating travel — and it could be by car, train or plane — on a regular basis. If you’re traveling on a regular basis, like once or twice a quarter or every week, you really can’t think about travel as this “forget about nutrition time.” So one of the things I really try to focus on with people is if they are traveling regularly, you need to be as conscious of your nutrition and not sort of put those days aside and say, “Oh, whatever, I’m going to be traveling. Whatever happens, happens.” You don’t want to put stuff into your body that the body doesn’t recognize. It can really throw you off and either you get sick or certainly ruin any of your health goals in that way.

The other one is that when you’re traveling, there just aren’t healthy options available. We’re seeing this change so much in terms of making options available in the airport, on planes, all of these different places. I think that’s really helpful and it minimizes the amount of effort that you have to put into it; but there is still some effort to make sure that you’re making better quality choices.

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