What does Ashley Koff think are the biggest nutrition misconceptions?

The absolute biggest myth that exists across the board is that good nutrition, proper nutrition, is complicated. It’s so unbelievably simple, especially if you take a moment to really understand the body’s physiology. What’s happening is that today we have a diet industry and we have a medical industry that are really confused and made us think that we need to know all of these different things. The reality is if you put into the body what the body recognizes and you keep the quantity relatively appropriate and you learn to balance the different nutrients — kind of focus on where are my carbs coming from, my protein, my fat, making sure I get in vegetables as I can during the day — it’s really like four things to think about, and that’s about it. It doesn’t need to be this epic, super involved and require a lot of money on that part. 

I actually think this relates to travel a lot — in my opinion, indulgence and healthy choices are in the same place. I think the most indulgent thing we can do when we’re traveling is indulge in things that are great for us. If you’re taking a wine-tasting trip or you’re going and having this amazing meal — if you’re going to The French Laundry or you’re in New York and you’re going to a Five-Star restaurant or wherever you are in the world — these things actually are celebrating food, food quality and they’re great for our health. Getting to go biking through the South of France, any of these things. I think that indulgence, we’ve sort of separated indulgence from health and the reality is that health and indulgence go hand in hand. When we learn that part, it makes travel and great nutrition, there’s no compromise. It’s a win-win.

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