Ashley Koff

Nutritionist, Dietitian

Los Angeles

As a registered dietician to the stars, Ashley Koff has made a name for herself in the nutrition world. Her ability to demystify the science of nutrition and communicate the importance of healthy choices has elevated her to becoming one of the best in her field. She created the Ashley Koff Approved (AKA) Lists that help identify everything from groceries to beauty products that help foster a healthy lifestyle. The Los Angeles-based dietician appears regularly on several shows, such as Dr. Oz, Good Morning America Health and The Doctors. In 2011, Koff released her second book, Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged. When she’s not spreading the message of healthy living, Koff has a private practice in Beverly Hills with celebrity clients such as Molly Sims, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Andy Richter.