What are Barbara Lynch's favorite cities?

I'd have to say New York. Definitely tons of energy — and Central Park, baby! First, I love to do that whole run up to 112th Street, up to Brooklyn. I love the little radio boats, their little radio-controlled boats. I just think you can spend weeks in Central Park and not see everything. You can go foraging, you can go horseback riding. It's just one of those places that has so much energy. And then there's days you can run in Central Park and it's raining and you're the only one in the park. I do think it's a magical place.

I love San Francisco. I sort of love to do it in sections, so the last time I was there I spent a lot of time in the Dogpatch area, which is sort of a new, up-and-coming area. The streets are wider than normal San Francisco city streets. It's an old, industrial section of San Francisco — lots of photo studios, architect firms, great bakeries and great independent restaurants popping up. All kinds of new things are happening down there. It's like the new place to be. Also, I love the Golden Gate Bridge and there's so much to do. That's the beauty of San Francisco. You can go hiking and trail running. You can be in Muir Woods in 20 minutes. You can be in Point Raze in about an hour and do a 15-mile run. You can just totally be outside all the time. It's just incredible.

I dig Paris; I dig Chicago; I dig Philly. I think every city has different characteristics and qualities to it.  [I love Philly] because of almost how blue collar it is, and the architecture of the houses are completely different. I don't know what era they are, but it's just really interesting to walk around the neighborhoods. It sort of reminds me of very old-school Italian America in a way.

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