What are Barbara Lynch's favorite restaurants?

There's two in San Francisco — one is Frances, and the other is Saison.
In New York City, I think the best food, service and value right now is Eleven Madison [Park].
In Rome, I would have to say [Trattoria] Perilli for the pasta alla carbonara.
Paris is so funny because I haven't been in so long. I've been on sort of an Italian kick lately. But I probably would always go back to L’Arpège, in the seventh [arrondissement] just because it's a day in the museum and then [I can] eat lunch. Then there's always Chez Michel in the 10th. I always like to go back to Lulus in the 14th, believe it or not, just because it's one of those places I love to see change all the time. It doesn't change, but the characters change a little bit.

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