What are the five best things to see and do in Boston?

1. My first stop is usually Sofra, for food. Sofra bakery, right on the border of Boston, Watertown. That is a must on the to-do list.

2. Second is usually Lekker Home and walking around the South End stores, Hudson and Michelle Willey.

3. If you're here on the weekend, then I'll take you to the SoWa market, a little free market.

4. And sometimes, if you're here on a Friday night and it happens to be the first Friday of the month, then I'll take you to the art studios down on South End.

5. And then I always take them to the I.C.A. [We go to] Louis Boston for shopping. 

I do occasionally take them on the sort of nighttime Irish liquor tour. The Quencher. You double park the biggest car you have, with flashers on, and you ask them to make a martini and they don't know how and they're like, "Come here, love, you make it. Here, you make it." Then you turn the jukebox on and you smoke cigarettes inside. That's always fun.

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