What are Brian Canlis’ favorite cities to visit?

My first is probably New York. It’s kind of cheesy, but the streets really do make you feel brand new like that [Jay-Z] song. To be in New York is energy, and it’s inspiration, and it’s challenge on a business level, on a professional level. Everything they do in New York is at such a high level. I just love going to New York.

I love San Sebastian. I was just there last summer with my wife. It has everything — it has history; it has world-class dining; it has beaches. It’s just a great city to explore. San Sebastian is amazing.

Probably the friendliest city I’ve ever been to in the world is Krakow in Poland. It’s surprisingly welcoming — the hospitality and the people. The food is delicious. The city itself is actually surrounded by a park — a circular park — and these old city walls. So you can actually walk around the entire city in about 30 minutes — it’s really small — in a park the whole time. It’s amazing. I had such a good time in Krakow.

Anywhere in Japan. There’s something about Japan that is so special. Things make sense in Japan: There’s order and there’s harmony. People wait in line, in like a single-file line — it’s my favorite thing. They find beauty in every detail. The food is so delicious. I just love being in Japan. I’ve been to countries all over the world; it feels the most away from home for me. I really left America when I went to Japan; I just love that.

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