What are Brian Canlis’ favorite hotels?

I love The NoMad in New York City. It’s one of those rare hotels where the room service is delicious, like you’re not getting second-rate food by not going downstairs. The breakfast I had delivered to me at The NoMad was one of the greatest breakfasts of my life — that’s not an exaggeration. I was like, “Are you kidding me? Is anyone seeing this? I’m having room service and this food is blowing my mind.” And it’s the rare hotel that does service. I know it’s run by restaurant guys; but they do service from a very hospitality-embracing type of way. It’s less stiff, it’s more friendly; but yet they bend over backward for you. I’ve never seen that combination in a hotel like The NoMad.

I’m also really partial to a property in Scotland called Dunkeld — I was married there. It’s literally like a several-hundred-year-old chateau. And it’s not fancy, but it’s just a giant embrace of old Scotland. You walk in and an old lady pours you a dram of whisky as a welcome. You take your dram to the front desk, and it’s so classy and elegant. It’s on the River Tay, and you can fish for salmon right there. You can throw a Frisbee on the great lawns. Dunkeld is magical. Next door are the ruins of a cathedral that are some of the most beautiful thousand-year-old church ruins I’ve ever seen. It’s just a special place. It’s magical.

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