What does Brian Canlis love most about his job?

I love that I get to create the team that I work with. We have about 90 employees, and I get to choose them all. I spend so much time at work, but it’s with people that I’ve been able to hand select. It’s almost like when a new general manager takes over a football team, he gets to work the draft every year and slowly pick his guys. People are like, “It’s been three or four years, so now this is really his team,” because he’s put it together. So now that I’ve been here for five or six years, the team we put together, it’s now my brother’s and my team. It’s not our parents’ team. I get to lead this group of people that I’ve put together who all have the exact same passion and vision that I do. Coming to work, I’m surrounded by people who I completely love because I picked them. That’s the best — working with a team that is running in the exact same direction that you are.

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