How does Carrie Brownstein stay healthy while traveling?

One is exercise and utilizing those not-always-sanitary hotel gyms. You just have to go for it. I think establishing any kind of routine, whether it’s exercising in the hotel gym or getting up and walking outside, is nice. Finding good coffee is always important. Just find something that ties you to a place because I think traveling, if you do it a lot, it can start to feel very homogenous or generic. You’re only seeing a hotel room and then, if you’re traveling for business, you might only see an office and a hotel room; if you’re traveling for music, you might only see a venue and hotel room.
It can start to feel very similar every day so it’s nice to seek out something that really is specific to a city. Have somebody suggest a restaurant that the locals go to or coffee just so you can see what makes this place special. It kind of grounds you and makes you feel like you’re somewhere instead of nowhere. Those things are important. The morning routine is helpful with the exercise, coffee and some good books that you’re toting around. Sometimes you’re alone when you’re traveling, so make sure you have something to do when you’re sitting alone in a café. You’ve got to bring an iPad or a book along. 

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