What are Carrie Brownstein's favorite cities to visit?

I do love New York — it’s so different from Portland. The pace is a lot more hectic, and it’s kind of nice to get into the fast-moving stream for a few days. It’s a little bit of a whirlwind. I love Philadelphia, too. I think Philadelphia is a pretty great city. I like Austin a lot; it has great food and beautiful, warm weather. I like Milwaukee a lot. I like the underdog cities like Milwaukee and Pittsburgh that have these really great pockets of artists and warehouse space. They are cities that are reconstituting and revitalizing their downtowns. Actually, in Atlanta, when I was there last time, there was a parking lot filled with food carts downtown, and it looked pretty cool. It was lunchtime and all the business people were just congregating around these carts. It had a great communal feeling that was so nice for downtown. It’s been exciting to see cities figure out how to get people to move back into that. It just feels so vital as we go forward. It’s nice to have things be more centralized, you don’t have to drive as much, and it’s a good feeling. 

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