What are Charlie Nelson’s favorite cities to visit?

It was only until after I traveled a lot outside of the U.S. that I went to New York City. That became my favorite U.S. city to travel to. There’s always something that’s crazy and amazing that happens to me there. The energy is amazing. There are so many cultures. I really love languages and cultures, and there’s such a diverse population in NYC.

I also love Paris. I lived in Paris for a little while and bartended there. I love the food and the markets, and just walking around and taking in all the history. There’s a lot of great French literature. I studied philosophy and there are a lot of great French philosophers. I also like the South of France, Montpelier and Biarritz. Southeast Asia has a lot of amazing places: Pai, Thailand, is a really nice, relaxing, sleepy town. You can spend a lot of time in a hammock, going to the mountains, going on hikes, going to a waterfall. And the food there is great.

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