What is the best trip Chris Hastings has ever taken?

We took a really great trip to Patagonia. We stopped in Buenos Aires and toured all the little shops and the bigger art houses. We went to a local soccer game, with a favorite soccer team called Boca. They were known for having the world-renowned soccer player Diego Maradona. We were in this small soccer stadium and Maradona shows up and it was like the second coming of Christ — the place went wild. The street food was incredible outside and the energy inside was great. Then we went from Buenos Aires to Patagonia where we stayed in this cabin overlooking Traful Lake and fished for giant round trout. We had our own cabin, but gauchos would come up and prepare our lunch — things like grilled sweetbreads, lamb, all of the parts of the animal. We had an incredible, typical, Argentine outside alfresco dining experience. It was just amazing.

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