What’s the best trip Chris Johnson has ever taken?

I’ve been really lucky and have been able to take some pretty awesome trips. My trip to South Africa was probably the best. I got to go to there in 2002 for Cape Wine, where they invited us to learn about all the wines of South Africa. I took a few extra days and went on a safari in the Shamwari Game Reserve. The hotel we stayed at was in the middle of the reserve. At one point at night, we were out chatting with a glass of wine and a couple of friends, and this herd of elephants ended up hanging out like five feet away from us, which was kind of amazing in itself. That was the kind of thing that you watch on the Discovery Channel all the time and then when you see it in person, you have an “Am I really here?” moment. Every aspect of the trip was amazing; there was great wine, and the hotels we stayed at were fantastic. It was something entirely new and awesome.

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