What are Cristie Kerr’s top three golf travel tips?

You need a good travel case. You don’t want to show up when you’re so excited for your golf vacation and have your stuff broken. You want it to be able to travel easy, and you don’t want to pull a muscle carrying around your clubs during your vacation. I use the Sun Mountain golf travel bag, and it’s the easiest thing that you could ever get. I can literally wheel my golf clubs around with one finger. That’s how easy this travel case is. The second thing is … well, I’m a weather junkie. I love the weather. I grew up in Miami and lived through Hurricane Andrew. You need to know about the weather wherever you’re going. You need to be prepared with your clothing that you’re going to have. The third travel tip is to make it an experience. It’s not just about the golf. Find out what great restaurants are there. Find small, local, family places you can go. Make it an experience. I’ve traveled around the world my whole life. I know little, tiny places that people have never heard of. I know the big restaurant chains, too. You have to make traveling around an experience.

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