What are Curtis Stone’s favorite cities?

I love visiting Hong Kong. There’s just this crazy energy. The second you get off the plane, you know where you are. You’ve got the most vibrant downtown and also areas that are so rustic. You can walk through parts of the old downtown. There are all sorts of fish on the street that people are selling out of bins. There’s incredible food. There’s also a whole different part of Hong Kong, which has some of the nicest boutiques and beautiful restaurants. There’s real culture, and so different from what we have in the Western world.

I love New York. When I first came to the States, New York was one of the places I would go to regularly. I was up and down for the Today show, and we stayed up near Rockefeller Center. I made some really good friends there. Nothing much in the world matches New York, in terms of its beautiful restaurants, theater, culture and ballet. My wife is much more cultured than I am, so she’s kind of opened my eyes to a lot of that stuff.

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