What are Curtis Stone’s favorite restaurants?

A real mix of stuff stands out to me. I live in L.A., and there’s this incredible little sushi place called Sushi Park, which is just a hole-in-the-wall. It’s on the first floor of a strip mall on Sunset Boulevard. The quality of sushi is so unexpected. You eat the sushi and go, “My God, what have I been eating all these years that I used to think was sushi?” This is what it really should be like — perfect, fresh fish that’s just so skillfully prepared.

I have a restaurant back home in Australia that is probably my favorite called Attica. The chef, Ben Shewry, has this incredible garden not far from the restaurant that you can wander over to and take a look at. He forages a lot — from the ocean, garden and the neighboring area — and he grows a bunch of his own stuff, as well. It’s skillfully put together.

Then there’s an incredible taco stand just down the road from me on Sunset Boulevard called Pinches Tacos that has the most divine tacos.

I love the street food when you’re in Thailand. You walk out and there’s people grilling satay and all sorts of weird, wonderful stuff that’s just right there at your doorstep.

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