What would Curtis Stone serve at his ultimate dinner party?

I would definitely get the ingredients from my garden. I have a big veggie garden at home, which I love tending to. I now have a young son, so I take him out there most days. In the morning, we pick from it and make our juice. It’s a bit more experimental, so I grow all sorts of weird things.

If I were having the party in the winter, which doesn’t mean much in California because you can still grow so much here, it would be a variety of the stuff that comes from the ocean. The wintertime is probably the best time of year to get it. The oysters are fantastic. The lobsters are great — the incredible West Coast spiny lobster during the winter. From the garden, I’d get things like nasturtiums, root vegetables and peas, believe it or not.

I think I’d cook quite simply with that stuff. Some of that seafood I’m talking about would be cooked in white wine, parsley and garlic. Citrus is great this time of year, too.

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