What’s the best meal Curtis Stone has ever had?

José Andrés has a little place in Las Vegas called É by José Andrés, which is a little eight-seater dining room in the back of Jaleo. It’s a strange to say I had my best meal in Vegas. But he does this weird, wacky food that isn’t the sort of stuff I cook so much — maybe that’s why it’s so interesting to me. It’s sort of more molecular. It’s very different, but just perfect. Every mouthful was interesting and delicious in its own right.

We had so much stuff. He started with a gin and tonic, and ended with a gin and tonic. The first one he served was made with liquid nitrogen and was this huge theatrical experience — the result was fabulous. The last one he served was Hendrick’s Gin poured over a perfect sphere of ice that had a juniper berry set in the center of it and homemade tonic water. It had a sort of playful attitude.

He served one course on this crispy piece of chicken skin that almost looked like a piece of flatbread or a crostini. I can’t remember exactly what was on it, but I just remember thinking it was so clever to use what we all love about roasted chicken and actually extract that one piece and do something so special with it. There were little homemade pasta dishes. There were 20 courses. I always feel like that after a huge meal, you can never remember what each one was.

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