What are Dale DeGroff’s favorite restaurants?

I love Thomas Keller’s restaurants in any of the cities where he’s opened — Napa Valley, L.A., New York and Las Vegas. I think he’s a fabulous chef. I got to put those way ones at the top. I’m also a comfort food kind of guy. You know, I’m about the neighborhood noodle shop or the 2nd Avenue Deli. A hamburger at P.J. Clarke’s, to me, is as exciting as going to Per Se. It really is. The noodle place called Son Lok Kee — I’ve been going there all my life. It’s a seafood and Chinese restaurant with absolutely no atmosphere. Bring your own booze, all they have is beer and there are communal tables. I would be happier there than I would in a restaurant in Paris. Their sauce recipes are 3,000 years old — how are you going to improve on that?

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