What does Dale DeGroff wear when traveling?

I always wear Under Armour because it’s warm, it breathes and you don’t sweat. You can wash it when you’re traveling in the sink and dry it out in about three hours. I wear that stuff and I also buy some really lightweight shirts — fishing shirts that are made with a light fabric made from drawstring bags. It’s very light and dries very quickly. I look for items that I can turn over the next day after washing it. I travel with shoelaceless shoes so I don’t have to keep taking them on and off at the security gate. I also carry a backpack with a computer pad and that’s it. I travel pretty light with a backpack because I’m on the road a lot and I have all my tools. I can’t travel the way some people do where they put everything on the plane because I have knives. I try to travel really light, but now I’m traveling with my guitar too because I’m doing the “On the Town” thing all over the country trying to raise money for The Museum of the American Cocktail.

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