What are Daniel Boulud’s favorite cities to visit?

In America, I like New Orleans for the music, the food and the fun; Jackson Hole in Wyoming for the beauty of the West; Carmel as my favorite place on the Pacific. I go to the food and wine festival every year in Carmel. It’s amazing. I like Portland, Maine, because I have my fish supplier there and he has a boat and he takes me out fishing.
Internationally, I like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. What I love are the Brazilians — the beauty of their city, their food, their culture. London is one of the top five cities in the world — Paris, New York, London, Tokyo and the last one is Beijing. What I love to do in Beijing is rent a bike and be with thousands of Chinese at a red light and pedal with them and be mixed into this sea of locals. It’s just a very powerful and strange city.
I also like Budapest. I have many friends there and it’s easy to gather in Budapest. Every year there is a Formula One Grand Prix — it’s an annual tradition every summer to go to the races and eat goulash, have great smoked ham and artisanal charcuterie. I also like Spain, especially San Sebastian and Barcelona. Every region of France is home for me, but I also enjoy the beauty of going to the different regions. I’ll always be in love with France and Paris. And I developed my passion for smoked salmon when I was working in Copenhagen as a cook at the Plaza Hotel in 1979. Now I dream of going back to bicycle the town from one end to the next.

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