What are Daniel Boulud's favorite New York restaurants?

New York is made of neighborhoods and what you do in each neighborhood is different, which is reflected in the restaurants. For example, the Theater District has DB Bistro. DB Bistro is wonderful for lunch and it’s wonderful for pre-theater or after-theater. It’s also a wonderful destination for dinner, and it’s at the core center of Manhattan so there are a lot of hotels that are very conveniently located.
I want a restaurant that has great food and great service and feels authentic. I have great friends who are good cooks. If I want fancy meal, I go to Jean Georges or I go to Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin. I love The Four Seasons restaurant as the ultimate lunch destination because that’s where most New York powers meet for lunch, but it’s also an institution. It has been there for 60 years and still is amazingly consistent. I go there because I want a dish I always have — that’s the crab cakes.
And then there are destinations like Roberta’s in Brooklyn, which is super casual and super laid back. Frankie’s in Brooklyn, that’s very cool, too. It all depends who I’m going with, where I’m going and what I do. But I’m quite open to any cuisine. I went to the new Mission Chinese Food. I was with a group of friends, and it was a lot of fun. It was unusual. It was very downtown but very cool.

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