What are Daniel Humm’s favorite cities to visit?

I really like Paris. It’s an old city, and everywhere you look up, it’s beautiful — the buildings are beautiful. It’s definitely a much calmer pace than New York. It has exceptional restaurants; some old restaurants that serve very traditional food where you can almost go back in time. It’s also a beautiful walking city, and it’s a city that’s all about the food. All the amazing bakeries, the cafés, the bistros, the high-end restaurants — it has the whole spectrum.
Another city that I love is Tokyo. Will [Guidara, his business partner] and I went there for two weeks, which is rare. We felt we were able to dive in to the culture, and food is a big part of the culture there. I really appreciate how they have all these different restaurants — one restaurant only does sashimi, one restaurant only does soba noodles, one restaurant only does tempura. Some of the people who work there have owned these restaurants for 30 or 40 years, and that’s all they do. Every day, they try to get just a little bit better in that simple task. We also tasted some just incredible ingredients. The fish market is unbelievable, and some of the fruits and vegetables were out of this world. They have these melons that cost $250 for one, but the melon is the best you’ve ever had. It’s the same with pears and apples. Somehow there is enough people in Tokyo who really appreciate that quality of food, so there’s a market for it, and it’s really inspiring.

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