What are Daniel Humm’s favorite hotels?

There is a place in Provence in Bonnieux called Domaine De Capelongue. It’s owned by a chef we like very much. His name is Edouard Loubet. That’s kind of a place where you want to go for a week and just chill out. The way you picture Provence, that’s exactly how everything looks there.
The chef Michel Bras had the biggest impact on me when his cookbook came out around 15 years ago. It was just different from anything I’ve ever seen, and for the longest time I wanted to go and see his place. And finally, about five years ago, I went and had an incredible meal. At the same time, you stay at the hotel [Bras], and the meal and the stay are very cohesive — they make a lot of sense with each other, and it’s so comfortable and really awesome. That is in a town called Laguiole, where they make the famous knives, south of Paris.

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