What are Daniel Humm’s favorite restaurants?

There’s a restaurant in Paris called L’Ambroisie. The restaurant is very, very high end with the product it’s using. And unfortunately, it’s also pretty expensive, but it is almost like going back in time. It only uses the best-quality ingredients — and that seems like what everyone does — but it really does it to a different degree. And you don’t eat a tasting menu there; you eat like two plates and a dessert. It’s only à la carte. Going there to eat, for me as a chef, keeps me grounded. It reminds me of where it all began. Another restaurant in Paris that I love very much is L’Arpège. The chef uses vegetables in a way I haven’t seen before. He uses them a lot, and a lot of the dishes are vegetable-focused. I think it’s really inspiring. So these are two more classic Parisian restaurants.
There’s also a lot of our friends around the world that we really, really admire, like René Redzepi at Noma [Copenhagen] and Massimo Bottura in Modena, Italy. I really like the chef Mauro Colagreco and his restaurant called Mirazur — it’s in a town called Menton on the southern coast of France.
I think it’s the most incredible time for food right now. It is so exciting on the high end but also for casual food. I think people around the world are so into food, and it’s amazing to travel and to play a role in that whole movement.

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