What inspired Daniel Humm to open NoMad in New York?

Many people approached us to open a new restaurant. And we’re young, and we’re excited and enthusiastic, and we had opportunities in London and even on the West Coast. Some of these opportunities we pursued for a little bit, but then we would travel to London and say, “What are we doing? Being here in the plane is really not that much fun.” We realized if we do a second restaurant, we really want it to be in New York. But even in New York, it can take you three hours to go back and forth between downtown and uptown and the Upper East Side. We said it’s really got to be in walking distance of Eleven Madison Park. Eventually, we got approached by the people behind NoMad. It just was a perfect fit because we love the neighborhood. We love that it’s in a historic building like Eleven Madison Park. And it’s a three-minute walk from each other, so it works out well.

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