What’s it like for Daniel Humm to work with Will Guidara?

We spend a ton of time together in order to do what we’re doing as a team — it requires a lot of trust in one another. It’s rare. Most restaurant companies are driven by the restaurateur or the chef, but it’s our very strong belief that the best approach is to do it as a team. If you have a chef-driven company, then the person focused on the dining room is second to the chef. If you have a restaurateur-driven company, the chef is secondary to the dining room. I think if both of those envelopes are being pushed simultaneously as hard as possible, that’s when something really magical happens. Because we are 50-50 partners, there is a synergy that has developed between the kitchen and the dining room that is unbelievable and results in a really great guest experience because we’re all on one team and we’re all working toward the same goals.
It’s also way more fun. The two of us are best friends. We have moments where we can go out and do something fun and let loose, and we don’t need to be careful of what we say, and that’s really nice.

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