How does David Burke order when he dines out?

I order too much when I eat out because I want to see lots of things. If it’s two of us, we’ll order three appetizers, maybe a middle course and two or three main courses, depending on the restaurant. If the menu looks interesting, I’ll order a few extra things. I like dessert, so I like to try one dessert. It’s part of my business to look at food and see food, and either get inspired or see what the competition is doing. A lot of times a chef like myself reads a menu and has an idea of what it’s going to look like in my head, and it’s interesting to see how it comes out. Because some chefs are very poetic in their writing of the menu and might not deliver the way you thought it sounded; or it could be the opposite where it sounded so simple and it comes out and it’s fantastic.

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