Is David Burke every inspired by wine to create a dish?

I’m inspired by beer to create a dish more than wine. I was inspired by bourbon to create a dish. We cook with wine. We did a story with the guy who created Breckenridge Bourbon, Bryan Nolt, on Bloomberg’s The Mentor. His bourbon was so good that we made Jell-O out of it and used it on top of our butterscotch panna cotta. But we didn’t cook it, we just used it as is — it’s similar to pouring some whiskey in coffee.

I do a lot of work with Sam Adams; I make beer with them. I also do a lot of recipe testing with Jim Koch using beer. We’re starting to see a lot more beer pop up on fine-dining menus to pair with good food.

I still love wine in braising. We do use lots of wine when we cook, but I don’t think I’ve taken wine and created a dish out of it — unless it was a Cahors wine, which is the purple wine, and made red wine noodles out of that. We would reduce six gallons of wine down to maybe a half a gallon, and use that instead of water in pasta, and you come out with purple pasta, and more importantly, one that tastes like wine.

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