What are David Burke’s favorite cities?

I love Newport, Rhode Island, just because it’s not far and it’s a good getaway for me. And I like the little shops; I like the hometown feel of it and I love being near the ocean. I love Chicago. I go there often because I have a restaurant there. It’s easy to get around; the people are very nice and the food is fantastic. It’s really one of the best food cities in America. I like Miami because I think it’s sexy. I really feel like I leave the country when I go down to Miami. The same goes for New Orleans, which I have not been to in a few years, and that’s on my list to hit pretty soon. I love Napa Valley for many reasons: the beauty of it, and the food and the wine. I love Singapore, and I like Hong Kong. And, of course, I love lots of cities in France because of the food. Seattle is another one of my favorite cities. I’ve only been there once, but I do like it. New York I love, but I live here.

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