What does David Burke collect from his travels?

It depends on where I’m going. But I used to take something more in the art world of a souvenir like a small sculpture instead of something like a bell in the airport., I would go to a local place and buy something that represented that country or that trip. If I was in Newport, Rhode Island, it might be a buoy or a collection of buoys that I’d put in a restaurant. If I’m in Seattle, it might be a small [Dale] Chihuly piece. I like to bring something that doesn’t necessarily say the city on it, but reminds me of the trip. For example, years ago I bought a sculpture in Boulder, Colorado, when my son and I were looking at colleges, and I still have it. It’s in the window of David Burke Townhouse, but when I see it and I talk about it, it always reminds me of my son.

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