What does David Burke look for in a hotel?

I like a comfortable lobby. Even though I used to be opposed to lobbies that were not on the ground level, I don’t mind that so much anymore. Chicago’s got a lot of hotels where the lobbies are on the 34th or fifth floors.

I don’t like staying at a hotel where there’s no desk, or there’s only one chair — so if my colleague and I are having a briefing or meeting, we can have it in a room without one of us sitting on the bed. I don’t like when you have to be on your bed to watch TV either. I like an old-fashioned desk with a speakerphone that you get in some of the international hotels and you don’t get in some of the newer boutique hotels. I like a sunny breakfast room. Of course, hospitality is a given. I like quick service when it comes to dry cleaning or anything you need. And I also like a yes instead of a no, or “we’ll get it done.” Some hotels are much better than others with that.

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