What would David Burke serve at his ultimate dinner party?

If I was hosting it at my house, I would dry age some beef as the main dish, and I would cook that out on the terrace because I’ve got a beautiful view of Manhattan. I’d start with expensive hors d’oeuvres and great champagne. I would probably do lobster served in an ostrich egg with caviar. I’d move into a raw fish dish — some kind of tuna tartare or sashimi of some sort. I might stuff a quail with foie gras or wild mushrooms for a quail course. Then I would do a very small pasta course. Then I would do the dry-aged beef from the grill with maybe an oxtail soup. I might do a little bit of cheese depending on how big the portions were. And for dessert, I’d make soufflé. It’s a little bit of work. I’d get the food through the restaurant, of course, and I’d source the ostrich eggs from an ostrich farm. But I would get help from one of my restaurants.

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