What’s the best trip David Burke has ever taken?

I went to New Zealand about 15 years ago. I’ve been to about 35 countries, so it’s tough; but this was the only trip I went on for two weeks. I went alone. I did something at the Marlborough Wine & Food Festival. I met a friend over there that lives in Auckland, and I met a lot of good people there. Then I rented a car and went down to the South Island and bungee jumped. It was one of those really mind-clearing trips. I really felt rested when I came back.

Recently, I was in Monaco on a trip with 300 chefs that were invited by Alain Ducasse for the weekend for his restaurant’s 25th anniversary. That was pretty exciting. I enjoyed that. It was a short weekend, but the camaraderie and meeting of all these chefs from around the world was quite special.

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