What are David Myers’ favorite cities?

Tokyo is at the top of the list. I absolutely love to go there — it’s great on all fronts, from the food, the accommodations, shopping, and cultural sites. All the things you look for in a good destination, Tokyo has for me from an urban front. So I absolutely love Tokyo. I could live there.

I love Ho Chi Minh. Again as a chef, it’s a great food destination and I love to get away there. You can eat obsessively and it’s very inexpensive, not to mention culturally it’s just a lot of fun. To feel the energy and vibrancy of Ho Chi Minh and in that climate, it’s really exciting.

I also love Bali, specifically Ubud. Ubud to me is a great getaway for meditation, relaxation and unwinding. I love that. You can also head out to the airport and stop off around Kuta, which has some of the best surf spots in the world.

I travel domestically for work all the time and I’m in New York constantly. Brooklyn is very exciting as a food destination — it’s really getting up to par with Manhattan. San Francisco is always a great place because it has so many great restaurants and the markets there are just fantastic. I’m constantly in Vegas — it’s a quick destination, just 45 minutes from L.A. It’s very relaxing to me actually. You can go to the pool, gamble, eat great food, and have some drinks — all while going 24 hours a day.

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