What are David Myers' favorite restaurants?

Sunny Spot in Los Angeles. The slow-roasted goat here is a great example of one of the country’s most underutilized (and up and coming) meats. The Diablo prawns are spicy and satisfying, with a hint of glazed rum. Also, Son of a Gun in L.A. Jon and Vinny’s infamous shrimp toast sandwich is as good as everyone says (maybe better). The Apple Pan has the original great burger in L.A. and has been around since 1947. The space has a classic vibe and the people behind the counter have been working there forever. You feel like you get a bit of history when you eat there. Toritama Isibu is the best yakatori in Tokyo. They also specialize in rare and unique parts of the chicken. The ambiance is super cool, with burned cedar décor and jazz music playing. It’s very local and traditional and their staff is super friendly. It’s hard not to make it a weekly dining destination. A trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without stopping in at East Coast Seafood Centre for chili crab and cold Tiger Beer. Arashiyama Kitcho is an iconic restaurant in Kyoto and you can only get to it by boat. It perfectly exemplifies a place where nature meets food. Their techniques and traditional ways of crafting their dishes is truly art. No other dining experience can make you feel rejuvenated as one here.

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