What are Dean Fearing’s favorite cities to visit?

This could go on forever. I love New York, always have. New York is an energized city mainly for restaurants, and they just keep on coming. It amazes me how New York produces restaurants. It just keeps moving forward all the time. They are a very progressive city when it comes to food, and I have a lot of chef friends there that I love to go up and visit because in our world we don’t get to see each other a lot. So when we hit a city with our buddies, it’s great to visit. I’m a shopper. I love to hit the stores once I’m in New York; but I really love the restaurant scene.

I love London as a restaurant city. Talk about progressive. Progressive in design is what I love about London’s restaurants. They really take traditional designs to that edge where it’s really, really kind of quasi-modern or can be completely modern with design elements within the restaurants that are so cool. The last restaurant I was in just had rounded corners on the ceiling. I love London because the fact that you can eat great Lebanese food and then definitely great curry, but then you can eat traditional country French, London food all there at once.

But then you can go to another element where I can see new designs that blow my mind. I’m like, “Wow, this is edgy.” This you don’t even see in the States. I love that aspect of the newness that London has and it’s still funny how people think of London as having terrible food. People that say London has terrible food haven’t been there for 28 years. London has the best food of all now with an uprising of young chefs that are really tearing it up.

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