What are Dean Fearing’s favorite hotels?

It’s always [Hôtel de] Crillon in Paris. The Ritz in Paris. Last March, I stayed at The Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo. Holy moly. What an experience that was. It’s great to go to a hotel and feel the hotel — feel the friendliness of the people and the service aspects and the architecture and all of that design, restaurants and food, all of that. The Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo — great. The Peninsula in Hong Kong. Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok — great. I still love The Lanesborough in London. In the States, I’m kind of snobbish, I only stay at The Carlyle in New York. I know there are other great ones. The Mark, I love that. Four Seasons there, up on the top. All of the new ones that have opened up — I’ve ran through the lobbies and checked all of that out. Great hotels, but love The Carlyle.

In L.A., I love Hotel Bel-Air still and I love the new look, the redesign of it. When I can, I love Patrick O’Connell’s Inn at Little Washington, the little spots. I love Blackberry Farm — I’m going to do an event there. I think what Sam Beall does is great, and how he’s kind of built up the Inn at Little Washington feel there is great. I love Stein Eriksen out in Park City. That’s still such a great property. I like it in the summertime.

The Imperial in New Delhi, unbelievable hotel. And the Leela Palace in Bangalore. We stayed there for four days, and it blew my mind. It was in this compound that was manicured. They had three unbelievable restaurants in there. We never left. That’s the other side of a great hotel, I think, the fact that you never want to leave. I see it [at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas] when people are staying there and they go, “Okay we’ve had breakfast, lunch and dinner here, and we’re going to have dinner with you tomorrow night.” I’m like okay, then something’s happening. Because that happens to me, too. I get at a great hotel, and they’ve got great restaurants and the grounds are great. Why leave?

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