What are Dean Fearing’s favorite markets?

They remodeled our farmers market [in Dallas], but we’re still working on it. We have little farmers markets that just pop up in parking lots during the summer. Those are fun, but those are real local. There’s not one setting. Love those in the summertime.

My favorite market is the Santa Barbara farmers market. Going through that farmers market last spring, I wanted to move to Santa Barbara. It was the heaven of all farmers markets I’ve ever been to. They were selling rabbits. Farmers markets selling rabbits. They sold everything you could ever want to buy to take home and start cooking that night. There were four chefs with me, and each one of us could have looked in the paper and started trying to buy a house that morning. It was the best market I’ve ever been to besides going over to Tokyo’s fish market or going over to Paris or Florence. Those are crazy markets on their own.

In Dallas, in the summertime we have impromptu, pop-up markets that are great, but are we West Coast California yet? No. I wish we were. We have a tough dilemma; it’s called heat and no water. It doesn’t work for the greatest growing seasons.

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