What does Dean Fearing always have in his refrigerator?

I always have good hot sauces. It’s very important — I have various kinds, from Tabasco to little unknown bottling companies down in Louisiana, one being Bourque’s. It’s my new favorite; it’s from Port Barre, Louisiana. This stuff is the greatest. There are lots of hot sauces coming from that area. This is my newfound one that I’ve been turning everybody on to. Everyone’s going crazy; we just bought two cases for the restaurant up here. We love it. That is my newfound friend that’s always in the refrigerator.

I always have fresh fruit for smoothies because I always start out the day with a mixed fruit smoothie. You have to always have sriracha, too. That’s in that hot sauce line. Some things taste better with sriracha than hot sauce, but that divides down the middle with me. And there’s always open bottles of wine that are waiting to be finished off.

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