What does Dean Fearing always travel with?

I always travel with a bag. I don’t carry a bag around with me on a daily basis, like a mailbag kind of thing or over the shoulder. If I lived in a bigger city and I was walking more I would, but traveling is the only time I get to really carry a bag. I can see why girls love a purse. All your stuff you can put in and travel with it. I love to carry a book, definitely my iPod and earbuds. All of the essentials of traveling — little bags with your toothbrush — you’re never without. I just picked up this new bag from Whipping Post. For me, it’s a great site because they make guitar cases and all of that, which I love. They do a small mailbag there that you’ve got take a look at. I just picked one up. I can’t wait until my next trip when I get to carry it.

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