What does Dean Fearing wear when he travels?

I’m a boots-and-jeans guy. That’s my travel attire: boots, jeans and a comfortable shirt — either a pullover or button-up — and a great jacket that fits the season. I am a jacket hound. You’d think I’m crazy if you saw my coat closet. I think I’ve got a coat for every day and every season of the day. I love collecting boots; I love collecting coats; I love collecting guitars. You might as well throw watches in there, too. I think coats are the greatest things ever. I think coats make you feel the way you want to feel according to the day. If it’s a rainy day, shoot I’ve got a coat for that. If it’s a warm, cool day, I’ve got a coat for that. If it’s a cold day, I’ve got a coat. I love it that whatever the weather is, you can put on a coat and feel great.

I’ve got my favorites. My boys gave me a new Billy Reid double-breasted leather jacket for Christmas. I tell you, I can’t take it off now. It’s the most comfortable thing ever. That’s what I love. This fall, I picked up a Belstaff waistcoat, like a motorcycle coat. What else do you need on a cool fall or spring day than that coat?

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