What features does Dean Fearing love most in a hotel?

Number one, great beds are the comfort of life for me. I love what I think everybody else loves. I love genuine personal service. When you walk in and immediately feel comfortable. I stayed at the Mansion on Turtle Creek, my old haunt, and hadn’t stayed there for eight years. I was back there a couple of weeks ago. That is the feel. When you walk in and you feel like you’re at home. It’s the same here at The Ritz in Dallas. Every day I walk in through that front door, and everybody is so friendly, so personable and so helpful. That is what money can’t buy. You can’t force somebody to do that, or else it’d be fake. You need to find people that genuinely want to do that, that are genuinely friendly and nice folks from their hearts. Put that together, and it’s the way I run my restaurant.

I always say, “If you don’t have a personality like me, you can’t work here,” because it has to be that world here that we live in. The customer comes first. We never say no. They want scrambled eggs and bacon at 8:30 on Saturday night, be my guest. If they want a steak sandwich on Saturday night at 8:30, be my guest. We’re here to make people happy and to give a wow effect. That’s what I live for when I walk into hotels. You feel it immediately. Either you know you’ve arrived or you know you haven’t arrived.

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