What would Dean Fearing serve at his ultimate dinner party?

It would be probably a taste of the world. It could go a couple of ways. It could be all dishes from great chef friends of mine. I’ve been to their restaurants and loved their dishes. I love that aspect. Or it would probably be a mix, a global kind of thing where we’d start off with great Chinese dim sum, go into great Lebanese starters and then we’d have to comb the world. We’d need a great Italian pasta dish. This summer, I was the luckiest guy in the whole wide world. I ate pasta, first course, for lunch and dinner every day for two weeks. It was fantastic. What better rule is that than to constantly be eating pasta?

We’d have to go back into Asia and do something, a fish course from Thailand. We’d have to do meats from Texas being in that whole smoke range. Nothing is better than that from a meat aspect. The perfectly grilled meat is the best. The perfectly smoked meat with a sauce is the best.

We could go from culture to culture. I would stay right on that. Probably do desserts from Jill Bates, my pastry chef. I love her down-home desserts.

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