What’s Dean Fearing’s take on the evolution of fine dining?

It’s dead. I think it’s a dinosaur. I think some places still survive and in some areas it still survives; but the greatest thing I did five years ago was open a restaurant with no rules. Are we an expensive restaurant? Yeah, we’re an expensive restaurant. But we have no rules. You come as you are. We have five different rooms you can choose to sit in with five different looks. I’m glad that I figured out one part of the puzzle for moving forward in the world of food because where I was before in the Mansion on Turtle Creek, it was dying, almost dead. Dress code, wow. You want to kill a place in Dallas? Have a dress code, unless you’re at a country club where they still uphold the rules. Walk-in, self-standing restaurants, I can’t tell you one in this town anymore [that has a dress code]. I think Dallas, in the last five years, has changed considerably.

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