Who is Dean Fearing’s favorite travel companion?

When I was married, it was my wife at the time. Now it’s my girlfriend. I had never had an extensive trip in Italy. Last summer, Angela, my girlfriend, and I did an extensive trip all through Italy around the coast. It was truly amazing. The greatest trips can be with my two boys going to Maui, and spending 12 days there and getting to know the island, getting to know the culture, getting to know the people. Tasting the food, seeing the sights, visiting all the beaches — that is, for me, what traveling is about. I used to travel and try to hit as many places as possible. That’s fun, too. But going to a singular spot and getting to know that area is becoming more and more of what I enjoy the most. What is it about this one area that makes it so exciting, and why is that? Is it food? Is it people? Is it the culture? Is it sightseeing? Is it things that you can’t miss? Is it off the beaten path? All of those things are really exciting now.

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