How did Devin Alexander get involved in the culinary world?

I had written a script in college and it got me recruited to the television academy in Los Angeles. And when I got here, I planned to be a screenwriter, but I was volunteering at charity events and cooking because I was always a really good cook. I had two Italian grandmothers who had me making pasta when I was, like, four. So celebrities figured out I could cook healthy food that actually tasted good, and they wanted me to cook for them. I went to culinary school thinking I’d live in someone’s private guesthouse until my writing career kicked off, and instead I fell in love with helping people get healthy.

I actually say every day that my life is a miracle because I literally was a 15-year-old weighing 200 pounds sitting on a sofa crying every day because I was being picked on for being overweight, and then I get to live this amazing, fun life.

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