How does Devin Alexander eat to stay fit and healthy?

You can eat cheesesteaks and fries whenever you want; you just have to do it in a Devin-ly way. There’s a difference between deprivation and choice. I am helping people to make choices that actually make them happy. I call it the “secret of food.” I don’t know if you’ve heard of the book The Secret, but they talk about how if you put positive things into the universe then good stuff happens, but if you sit there and go, “I’m an unlucky person,” you are an unlucky person. You can manifest your own destiny.

For me, I call it the “secret of food” because so many people walk through life going, “I can’t have chocolate; I can’t have brownies; I can’t have cheesesteak; I can’t have French fries; I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.” And even when they are eating that stuff, they’re saying, “I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t,” and I tell them what’s going on. For me, if I go to a party and there’s a piece of fudge cake, which is one of my weaknesses, and it looks amazing, I take a bite of it. And if it’s amazing, I actually eat a normal-sized piece — not a giant piece, but not a bite. I don’t say, “I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t,” but if I took a bite and it’s not good, then I immediately think I’d rather have that another time when I’ve made it work healthier. It’s an empowered choice. It’s not like I’m struggling with it because I know I can have better for less calories and that will make me feel better, look better and all of that.

I used to sit at dinner with girlfriends when I was overweight and they would start laughing, and I would have no idea what they were laughing about because I was so in my head counting calories and saying I shouldn’t have a piece of bread and figuring out what I ate all day. I was just missing out on life. Now I know what I can have, and I know if it tastes good I can have it. I know if it doesn’t then I can move away. It’s really easy, and I’m not deprived at all. I literally feel like I can eat more indulgently now than I did when I was 70 pounds heavier because I was just eating. I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t making choices that supported me.

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